Bil Laschke

To contact me, write to, or telephone on (+61) 488 583 224 (hover here for more)
Friends encouraged me to start Bilzeye Images in May 2012 after an extremely stressful year of caring for my cancer suffering wife and our 3 year old twin daughters. What had been a photographic hobby got twisted by the challenges of life and morphed into unique images bled from the vein of Abstract Realism, as I endeavored to elevate images of mundanity to a higher place. This helped me maintain a sense of appreciation for all things in the face of difficult circumstances. Years of making black & white photographs with a 35mm camera taught me to see contrasts. These days I modify digital images to exaggerate interesting contrasts seen in the world around me, in order to assist the viewer in sharing my appreciation for these contrasts. You can find this art in browse > Art > Experimental > ?. I also attempt to capture images and moments in Life in an Artful way, go to browse > Life > ?.
Several Experimental works were shortlisted in the 2012 International Fine Art Photo Awards based in Paris, and Bilzeye was selected as 'Featured Artist of the Day' by Facebook entity Starving Artists Inc. in May 2013. In October 2013, one of my images was projected onto the outside of a 40-story building in New York City as part of a group exhibition. In March 2014, another Bilzeye Image was included in an art show at the SeeMe gallery in Long Island City, NY.
Now in July 2014, I have works hanging in 2 Australian galleries, the Edge Gallery, Katoomba, and the Grand View Hotel, Wentworth Falls.
On July 24 in Times Square NYC, 5 Bilzeye Images were displayed on a 25-story high digital billboard as part of a group exhibition.
In addition, I have been experimenting with prints on textiles. If you are a designer who uses fabric in your work, please contact me for a possible collaboration.
I also build leadlight (stained glass) lamps and windows with my partner, you can view this work at I have also enjoyed some success as a bass guitarist and songwriter, and regard myself as an aspiring short-film maker, having written several screenplays which silently await production.
Any comments you'd like to post regarding the images or the site would be appreciated, either here in the comments section of photo galleries, at Bilzeye Images on Facebook, or write to me at
Additional images will be added often, so please stop in again soon to see what's new.
Enjoy! Cheers, Bil.
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